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validator html5

PHP Contact Form and Form Validation | Dreamweaver Tutorial - 1 of 2
PHP Contact Form and Form Validation | Dreamweaver Tutorial - 1 of 2

validator html5

PHP Contact Form and Form Validation | Dreamweaver Tutorial - 1 of 2

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HTML5 and CSS3 Validation

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How to check your CSS/HTML5 code using a Validator.

HTML5 Form Validation

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Editing HTML5 with VIM validator.nu plugin

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Hopefully an improved demonstration of using vim integrated with validator.nu with makeprog.

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Great Tutorial.... Thanks a? lot !
great? tutorial but how can i download the form validation code, i cudnt get it in the link .
What if there is? a radio list and/or dropdown list in your form. how do you add it to the validation?
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nice tutorial! Can I apply radio? or checkboxes onto the form and could you do a tutorial on that if possible?
Could you do a tutorial on how to add a file uploading and attachment? field to this form?
How would I expand my form for? instant like a real estate form or something lenghty
Why are you WRITING code in Dreamweaver? I know it's good to? know how to adjust the code manually but if your just gonna write code.... Notepad++ is free!

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