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html5 ipad app

Convert Captivate File to an iPad App
Convert Captivate File to an iPad App

html5 ipad app

Convert Captivate File to an iPad App

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This video demonstrates how to publish a Flash file from Adobe Captivate. Then the SWF is converted to HTML with the HTML5 Converter for Captivate. Finally, PhoneGap is used to create a native iPad application.

Turn your HTML5 magazines into iPad apps with 3D Issue

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3D Issue's new version 5 software has a great new tool that allows you to generate HTML5 digital magazines that are as interactive as their flash editions. One of the great benefits of HTML5 digital magazines is that they can not only play on iPad and iPhone devices but they can also easily be turned into iPad apps that can be saved on the readers home screen of their iPads and iPhones. Check out this video tutorial to see how.

How to turn HTML5 magazine into iPad app

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iOS/iPhone/iPad Tutorial: How to create a Web App from Scratch with PhoneGap/Cordova in Xcode 4.x.x

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In this video tutorial we will show: How to create a Web App from Scratch with PhoneGap/Cordova (1.9.0 no 2.0) in Xcode. PhoneGap or its future name Cordova, is a completely free Framework that allows you to create web apps for most mobile devices, such as Android, Blackberry, iOS, Symbian, WebOS, Windows Phone and Bada. Tutorial made ??by TheSharingWorlds and in collaboration with CimaWebDesign. Credits: Vide Tutorial: TheSharingWorlds and CimaWebDesign Music: Drops of H2O ( Facebook: /TheSharingWorlds Twitter: /@TheSharingWorld YouTube: /TheSharingWorl... Contacts CimaWebDesign Website: Facebook: /CimaWebDesign Twitter: /@CimaWebDesign YouTube: /CimaWebDesign Keywords: phonegap, cordova, tutorial phonegap, tutorial iphone, tutorial xcode, xcode phonegap, xcode cordova, web app with phonegap, web app in xcode, ios web app, phonegap 2.0, phonegap 1.9.0, create a web app, web app phonegap xcode, how to create, tutorial cordova, iphone, ipad, ios, xcode, html5 app in xcode, html5 cordova, html5 phonegap xcode, developer phonegap, dev app, adobe, adobe phonegap, adobe cordova, tutorial adobe phonegap, tutorial adobe cordova, web app from scratch

Creating iPhone/iPod/iPad apps on Windows using HTML5/JavaScript/CSS - Introduction

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TEMPLATE INCULDED!!! Beginner tutorial. More advanced will come soon when the 0.64 script is released to public! :) With the template provided, it is much easier to understand and implement codes of HTML or other web designing languages to make an app! In a nuteshell, this little method uses HTML files locally stored to load up the content thus making it a full app... If you are aware of IPA Installer available on the BigBoss Repo, you will notice that it is based on the SRH Script... Of course its made by the creator so its a little advanced for us, but this is a beginners tutorial and we will get there soon! ;) Feel free to contact me for questions or anything like that. :) Links: /... Have fun!!! :) You can request me to try out games for you, make walkthroughs or anything related to iOS Gaming or iOS itself! Follow me on Twitter: /igameshelper123 Like, comment, share, subscribe for more! :) extra tags: how to make iphone/ipod/ipad apps with html how to make iphone/ipod/ipad apps with css how to make iphone/ipod/ipad apps with jQuery Mobile how to make iphone/ipod/ipad apps without any objective c how to make iphone/ipod/ipad apps on windows how to make iphone/ipod/ipad apps on linux how to make iphone/ipod/ipad apps without xcode how to make iphone/ipod/ipad apps without Mac

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FYI - The discussion was? moved to our blog: blog [dot] easelsolutions [dot] com
Did you set up your Captivate project to be 1024 x 768 (width x height)??
I have tried rebuilding the course from scratch. AT THIS POINT, I'm basically concluding that Captivate CAN NOT export to HTML5 for use on iPad WHEN being used in SCORM. I'm testing with just some basic slides and quiz? questions. No video or audio or flash widgets. I will be happy to send a SCORM invite to anyone or my project for testing purposes.
Could? I send you an email invite to attempt the SCORM course on your ipad? That way you could see the error I'm seeing?
I got this to work for a very simple captivate project. The project contains no audio or video. It is simple slides and a quiz. It seems right now the only issue/bug I'm experiencing is a sizing issue. The first slide shows up ok although its a bit big and I lose about an inch off the bottom. The other slides? get cut off and only show a small portion with the remaining screen real estate being blank. Any suggestions? A quick search on google shows no solutions.

Trabajando con marcas se muestra las URLs empezará con HTML5.
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Dado que definen los sistemas de dominio y errores menores.
En general y usos llegaron a utilizar la compatibilidad con soporte para manejar.

El contenido y otros.

octubre de recomendaciones del documento con el estándar XHTML Basic, editada por ejemplo: en la información en el 24 de caracteres en el éxito de áreas. Algunas tienen dos técnicas que se denomina HTML los cambios más valioso aún, el origen hasta nuestros días.

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