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photoshop editing tutorials

Night Photography Editing. Lightroom 3 edit tutorial for beginners. Simple steps to follow
Night Photography Editing. Lightroom 3 edit tutorial for beginners. Simple steps to follow

photoshop editing tutorials

Night Photography Editing. Lightroom 3 edit tutorial for beginners. Simple steps to follow

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/Photographers... /PhotogsOnUTube Lightroom 3 lesson on night photography edit. Basic tutorial for beginners

Photoshop Tutorial: High Pass Filter - Editing Technique [In-Depth]

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An in-depth look at using the high pass filter to create a hard light / grunge look to a portrait. This is a beginner Adobe Photoshop tutorial Check out more tutorials on Want to know how to do something in Photoshop? Request a tutorial in the comments or post here / Image Credits: /african-ame... Image: Tyler Olson | Agency: Dreamstime

Adobe Lightroom photo editing basics tutorial

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A quick video showing the basics of editing a photo in Adobe Lightroom. I'll do more in depth videos on certain areas of Lightoom in the coming weeks. This video is just to show people who havent used it before, what it can do with the simplest of settings. If you have a photo you'd like me to edit for you or any requests, please leave a comment or get in touch. Please watch in HD and full screen! /photoix

CS5 Photoshop Editing Tutorial: How to brighten dark image remove harsh shadows model out background

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This edits challenge rating is: Hard This edit is of my image known as "The Blue Maiden" it can be found in my Deviantart gallery: / I edit in Adobe Photoshop CS5, there are tool equivalents for most of the things I use in other softwares such as GIMP. In case you missed them, here are some of the main tool paths I used in this tutorial: Image - Adjustments - Levels Image - Adjustments - Curves Image - Adjustments - Selective Color Image - Adjustments - Color Balance Image - Adjustments - Brightness and Contrast Tool Bar - Heal Brush - Content Aware Tool Bar - Burn - (midtones and darks) Tool Bar - Dodge - (darks, midtones and brights) Tool Bar - Lasso Tool Tool Bar - Paint Brush Tool Bar - saturation brush Key Board Short Cuts: ctlr + -/+ : Zoom out W : magic wand tool Ctlr + [ : make brush smaller Ctlr + ] : make brush larger If you don't want to edit your photo's and would rather have it done for you, I offer super super cheap editing here: /listing/97073180/... If you enjoyed this edit and it helped you, subscribe and pass it on to others! I will have more tutorials in the future as well as some behind the scenes footage and short films! If you use this edit as inspiration for an edit of your own, I am looking for people who would like to share what they accomplished with help from these walkthrough's. Send me an email with a before and after image of your edit, and written permission to use your images in one of my video's and I may feature your edit and a link to a website of your choice in one of my video's. You will be credited here in the comments with a link of your choice. Let me know if you have any questions at or send me a youtube message. Deviantart: / Clothing Shop: /shop/SageOfTheTrades Jewelry: /shop/EchoSage HAPStanceFilms: /user/Hapstance... Facebook Page: /pages/Sage-of... tutorial tutorials photoshop Adobe Photoshop (Software) CS5 color correction retouch photo editing edit photographer "beautiful retouch" "fantasy color correction" fantasy gimp gloomy blue cyan forest like how to How-to Change "how to retouch models" "how to fix photos" "better photography" woman model "lost in the woods" temperate-sage harmony sage lawrence lady make-up removing objects jean denim gown dress "fashion photography" "denim princess" photography pictures, photography tips, photography blogs, about photography, photography information, amateur photography, people photography, photography tutorials, photography basics, photography techniques, what is photography, model photography, diy photography, digital photography tips, photography ideas, photography videos, professional photographers, wedding photographers, landscape photographers, video tutorials, free video tutorial,

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does adobe lightroom only read RAW file images?
can I also edit a JPEG image with? adobe lightroom?
I can read JPEG files as well. You can do JPEG edit if the picture wasn't take? in RAW.
Mr. J , how much does the lightroom cost???? Is there any cheaper soft out there that I can use?
LR has been going on/off sale because LR4 is coming out soon. If you're a student you could get it for under a hundred bucks and if you're not a student then probably 150 on sale. I can't compare LR with any? other user friendly software. This is way too good.
Google Academic Superstore. Make sure you have a valid student? ID etc. They check everything. Good luck!
i think i must need tripod for night photography....sir can you? tell me that which program is best for night photography i means AV/TV or P mode....thanks
Manual mode so you can? control the exposure.
the before was a lil'bet colorful, but the? after became so desaturated , the before was fine just needed some color decreased and some contrast , but then again , every photographer got his own point of view , thanx , and the photo is cool
It is a? really good photo!!! :)
Wouldn't it be better if you just used the gradient below the? sky and lowered the temperature and that's it ? Anyways nice tutorial :)
Hi, I subscribed at your video. My question is I am using Lightroom 3, how do you edit a bunch of photo at the same time for example 10 or 20 photos they are almost at the same level of darkness or light I want to edit them at once to save time.
If? anybody knows how to do it please email me at
Thank you very much
Its waste to have a DSLR if you? use P mode unless if you have to take shots in clumsy situations!
...thank you soo much for your prompt reply....this is "apache" from facebook. I will buy lightroom den wit 100 bucks.? ;)

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