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photoshop cs2 tutorials

A Photoshop CS2 Reference: High Contrast Black & White
A Photoshop CS2 Reference: High Contrast Black & White

photoshop cs2 tutorials

A Photoshop CS2 Reference: High Contrast Black & White

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Using a series of submitted images as guides, this tutorial looks at creating high contrast black & white images as a vehicle of communicating subject relationships. Visit for more free tutorials!

Adobe Photoshop cs2 Lineart Tutorial in 10 Easy Steps

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Well it's just as the title says, learn how to do lineart easily with a mouse. I make no promises about the coloring. I drew the wolf and animated it. I do have a tablet but I did this with a mouse I promise!!!! Umm.... oh yeah. I usually use brush size 2 for the lineart on hair or in this case fur, and I use black if I need to change it later I just use the color changing thing. Make sure the pen is set up the same way mine is, I tried to emphasize that but I don't think it will work... I used Adobe Photoshop cs2 and Windows Movie Maker and Hypercam 2. Unregistered of course. I'm taking requests by the way, and I'll animate stuffz for you. Links:: And email my dog.... Ask for more tutorials if you want.

Tutorial : How to make signature in Photoshop CS2

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Making signature in CS2. by Darkcrunk

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i was naked? while I watched this video! r
Excellent material... thanks for posting...?
i like the 2nd picture?
think I'm gonna have to check? out your site, that was well explained, so many tutorials get ya to the results without explaining what we're actually doing in layman's terms, now I can play with levels adjustments with a little more confidence, cheers!
the? original picture has a really nice fade and yours cuts straight acroos.. you didnt do a good job blending at all. please do not teach people how to change photos if you can't do it yourself as well as the original.. No business teaching people.
If you didnt notice... your picture looks nothing like the original.. If you are gonna post a tutorial on how to do? something at least do it right..
Cool video. 6? years on and still valid! :-)
CS 2 is way too old fashioned , but it is still? useful...
Its good but 80% could have? been cut out.
tu? much f'n talking
SO? long!!!! Cut it shorter!!!

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