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hdr photoshop tutorial

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Tutorial - HDR effect from one photo - DanyDroidTV
Adobe Photoshop CS5 Tutorial - HDR effect from one photo - DanyDroidTV

hdr photoshop tutorial

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Tutorial - HDR effect from one photo - DanyDroidTV

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This is a tutorial to show you how to do an HDR effect from only one photo. The result is nice! Mode 1: 1) Go on Image -- Regolations -- Shadows/Lights and set this values: Shadows 50/40/40, Lights 50/40/120 and add a +20 on halftone contrast. (REMEMBER: this values could be change for every different photos); 2) Duplicate the base layer, desaturate from Image -- Regolations and OVERLAY this layer. 3) Duplicate another time the base layer and take it up in the highest position. Apply a blur effect(35/40 % could be fine) and take it on SOFT LIGHT. 4) Set up the opacity of the layers to find the best result. Mode 2: Sorry but every image has differents values so I can't help you now: ;D Hope you enjoy! :D Music by ---------------------------------------- ­---------------------------------------- ­-------------------------------- Un piccolo tutorial per mostrare un semplice effetto HDR partendo da una sola foto! Spero vi piaccia! :D Musica di ---------------------------------------- ­---------------------------------------- ­-------------------------------- Follow me: Subscribe this channel. /DanyDroid

Take control of HDR manually

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- Manually control how highlights and / or shadows show up in an image via an HDR process using blending modes and luminance layers in photoshop. This process can be done over multiple exposures or a single exposure processed at various stops. Through the use of layer masks, blending modes, and luminance layers we'll bring out the trickiest of highlight detail looking straight at the sun. See a hi-res jpg of the final image here: /2012/03/27...

HDR tutorial Photoshop CS6 and Photomatix the best of both worlds with any DSLR

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/pages/Tylers-... like me on FB :) In this tutorial I cove using Photomatix and Photoshop CS6 and camera raw 7.1 together to acheve the best HDR result.

manual hdr fusion.mp4

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For more free Photoshop tutorials and videos check out

Quick HDR Landscape Tutorial

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/ This is a quick and dirty method to capturing an image with more dynamic range. Simply take one photograph of the thing that is super bright (in this case, it was the sky with the sun behind the clouds), then take a second photograph of the thing that is super dark (in this case, it was the landscape foreground), then combine the two in Photoshop and BAM - You've got a photo that is improved significantly. It's recommended to use a tripod, Aperture Priority mode, manual focus, and Spot Metering. I shot these in JPEG format because I am lazy and forgot to use RAW. Using RAW would have been a good idea.

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so,the title is in ENGLISH? and your APS is in ITALIAN,dude,your brain is fucked up
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Very cool tutorial, Thank You? very much Dany!!!
Thanks? for watching! :D
How did? you make your intro??
After? effect!
Good video, but a little more help? with the Italian menus would help.
Wow? awesome
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en que? idioma esta el photoshop del video ?
Nacho? Libre!!


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