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Find how how Valeria Lukyanova the "Real Life Barbie" creates her illusion! You can play around with your own photos as well. I am using GIMP here, which I find easier than Adobe (my preference).. Same tools should be available on Adobe PS. I do not advocate the action of claiming a photoshopped photo is natural! Photo taken from: - and they are highly recommended to check out! Music: Neblina Sound - Could you be intergalactic?

Photoshop CS6 205: Photo Retouching and Adjustment - 44. Smart Filter: Shadows and Highlights

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Additional videos for this title: position in your photos, using popular tools like the Healing Brushes, Patch tool, Blend Modes and the new Blur Gallery. Dan also reviews the topmethods for making and refining selections, as well as how tomagically remove unwanted objectsfrom your photos. Thenyou will takes these strategies to the next level, as you learn how toharness Photoshops super powerfulamazing Content Aware functionality. Youll learn how to effortlessly scale, move and patch images with this new intelligent algorithm to create seamless edits of even the trickiest photos. Dan brings it all together by demonstrating themost usefulAdjustment Layers and Smart Filters for photographers. He demonstrates how to get your photos to look exactly the way you remember themBEFORE capturing them.You will see how easy it can be with Photoshop, to make the digital version of your scene, look just how you remember it! Youll evenlearn how to heighten reality by creating fun Tilt-Shift effects, flattening perspectives with the new Adapative Wide Angle filter, adjusting and replacing colors,and even applying popular HDR effects to your photos! Build your advanced photo retouching and adjustment skills by watching all the advanced courses in our growing Adobe Photoshop CS6 collection. More info on this title:

Crazy photoshop skills!

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This obese lady is turned into a very beautiful and thin girl (ok she was already beautiful) with the use of Photoshop! This dude has skills! FYI: I DIDN'T MAKE THIS VIDEO!!

Photo shop layers beginner

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beginner layers photo shop

Photoshop's New PhotoBomb Tool

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See exclusive articles and pictures on ! Ruin photos like never before. LIKE us on: /collegehumor FOLLOW us on: /collegehumor FOLLOW us on: //collegehumor WATCH exclusive videos we can't put on YouTube at: /originals

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The eyes are a bit too big compares to? her, but great job.
I thought that at first too, but I went on her VK and sometimes she makes her? eyes MASSIVE.. That's what people know her for, is the "alien" appearance, and sometimes they looked 2D. I tried it with smaller eyes, but it just did not look the same. So I left it mucho alien :p
But she still looks like? a barbie withour photoshop.
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Honestly she looks? pretty enough to be a barbie without those photoshop, just saying :D
That's not photoshop haha. But then again,? you're not that much better dear.
Also, in a lot of her photos, she makes her eyes extremely blue,vividly blue? if i might say. She also makes her self super white, not even a skin tone color just....WHITE !
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