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photoshop demo

Adobe Photoshop Elements 11: Feature Highlights & Demo
Adobe Photoshop Elements 11: Feature Highlights & Demo

photoshop demo

Adobe Photoshop Elements 11: Feature Highlights & Demo

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See: And: /photoshop-e... New Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 is now available - check out this feature tour overview and demo.

Digital Paint Demo - Photoshop CS5/ Wacom

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Just thought I'd record myself as I colored in some lineart I found on DA. This was my first night doing digital coloring, and I'm actually pretty proud of what I ended up creating, although I know it needs A LOT of work. This isn't a tutorial, I don't have any more advice for you than the notes I put in the video. So enjoy. I've only been at this for a day, so I'm not going to be creating any tutorials for this until I get way more practice and get better.

Photoshop - Demo [Compositing 2010]

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Mein erstes Demoreel über meine Arbeit als Digital Artist. Ich gestalte als Freelancer Arbeiten für Autoren, Musiker, Theater usw... , und gebe Workshops und Einzelcoachings. Weitere Infos und Kontaktdaten findet Ihr unter:

Tutorial Photoshop CS5 - simple makeover (fast demo)

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Demo Photoshop CS5: makeover fast demo, change eye color, face retouch, pimples and mole removal, click here for the english tutorial /watch?v=B5xDUE... makeover dimostrazione veloce, cambiare colore occhi, ritocco facciale, rimozione di brufoli e nei, clicca qui per il tutorial in italiano /watch?v=i6NbRI... By ShadowTutorials Facebook /pages/ShadowT...

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With elements can u make? your own graphics? Like logos and things. I haven't ever really used photoshop and I didn't want to buy it and not be able to do what I want to do.
Yes - most anything graphical involving images and photos you can do. Adobe Illustrator? is also good for that sort of thing
Check out our site under "Tips & Tricks" at the top for some great tutorials for getting started with Elements 11
with this.;.. can? you erase unwanted objects from the photo?
If the objects are small, yes - you can use the Content-Aware Healing Brush in Photoshop Elements to touch up photos.
But if the items are of any significant size, then no - that remains the domain of? big-brother Photoshop CS6 with its Content-Aware Fill, Move, Extend, and Patch Tools.
PS - That's the? answer for *easily* erasing unwanted objects - obviously you could still manually do whatever you like with any pixel editor, but it would take a lot more time.
meh i'll stick? to cs6
Well naturally because Photoshop CS6? is the king of the hill, the best of the best.
Is it possible to minimize the gigantic sidebar on the right? It's eating up 25% of the screen and I don't want it there unless I need? it at the moment.
Ok, I have CS5? but in a few days or so I am getting Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 via qvc for free. I don't know if I will be able to get use to this vs cs5 any time soon.
CS6 is a very powerful program indeed, but? unfortunately, not all of us have the amount money to be able to purchase I'll stick with Photoshop elements 11 for the time being ;).

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