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photoshop background tutorials

Photoshop CS6 Tutorial: How to make Awesome Background
Photoshop CS6 Tutorial: How to make Awesome Background

photoshop background tutorials

Photoshop CS6 Tutorial: How to make Awesome Background

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Hope you enjoyed the Video! Don't forget to Like and Favorite the Video! If you enjoyed the Video Then Subscribe for more! Sorry for no music but This is 6th time I'm uploading this video, YouTube is strict with Copyright music. Download Links: -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ ­-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- Grundge Effect image: : adfoc.us/8314610091554

Photoshop HD Tutorial - Accurate Background Replacement

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How to replace a background in Photoshop and keep the hair!

Photoshop Background Tutorial {READ DESC.}

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Since my last background tutorial wasn't very clear I decided to remake it :) I hope you guys like it! It took an hour to upload, and about 2-3 hours explaining everything. I also decided it's easier to upload all my tutorials on this account so I probably won't use sweetXtutorials, but I'm not certain. QUESTIONS? please leave a comment but DO NOT MESSAGE ME! and if you do have a question BE SPECIFIC. Please don't tell me "I don't get it" because there's nothing I can do for you, sorry. READ: I USE PHOTOSHOP CS3. NO, IT DOESN'T MATTER IF YOU HAVE ANY OTHER VERSION OF PHOTOSHOP. YOU BUY PHOTOSHOP, OR YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE FREE TRIAL BUT DO NOT ASK ME HOW TO GET IT! NO, I WILL NOT TEACH YOU HOW TO MAKE A BACKGROUND ON ANY OTHER PROGRAM. sorry those are the FAQs and I don't want to keep answering them over & over again. CREDIT: Credit for the images: /gallery/ All textures can be found here: /albums/ab... Music: Body Control- Leighton Meester Waking up in Vegas Dance Remix- Katy Perry REQUEST: If you have any requests for other tutorials for ONLY photoshop and sony vegas, please comment! I will try to fulfill everyone's requests, but sorry if I can't! FAIR USE. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED :] All music and images used in this video belong 100% to their owners.

Graffiti Style Youtube Background Tutorial - Photoshop CS6

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Watch a Tutorial on the Making of the 3D Text Here: /watch?v=SmnnAu... My Twitter: - /#!/ChromeDesignsHD ---------------------------------------- ­--------------- Official Facebook Page: - /6hsakr5 ---------------------------------------- ­--------------- My Gaming Channel: /user/ConorPlays ---------------------------------------- ­---------------

Photoshop CS5 - Creating Simple Backgrounds For Your Subjects - Tutorial

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/ - FREE Photoshop Brushes Photoshop Difficulty Level : 2.30/10.00 In this tutorial you will be learning how to create simple backgrounds for your subjects, this is a very basic tutorial, I thought alot of people will find it useful so i uploaded. Easy to follow ? High Definition ? I'm pretty sure this tutorial will work for previous versions of Adobe Photoshop too. Rate + Comment + Subscribe = More Tutorials

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How to Download the brush and others image? :D
Well there are the links to? download them in description, To save the picture just right click the picture when its loaded and Save target as.
i dont have the paint bucket. is there? something wrong?
Ok then try and do this: On the left side where you have all the Tools there is a Gradient tool, Just Click and hold until you see a list and then? Select Bucket Tool :)
How? do i install the brushes????
You just download it and when? it finished downloading Open it and i should of open Photoshop With them brushes.
Thanx Bro
U Rock And For Sure I Will Subscribe? And Like And Share
Press Control T. It allows you to resize, move? it.
You can get a colour. Hold Alt. Press Backspace.? BAM! Whole page coloured
what text type is that? cant find? it
I can`t? download the images.
Where can i get More Effects? and more Animal outlines Dude?
Great Job Bro...you just earned a subscriber :)
then throw the lock into the trash? :)
when i make? new layer its locked

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