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xcode java tutorial

Developer Efficiency - XCode, Eclipse, Visual Studio
Developer Efficiency - XCode, Eclipse, Visual Studio

xcode java tutorial

Developer Efficiency - XCode, Eclipse, Visual Studio

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Update 2012-03-03: Interesting comments & responses. I would encourage others who disagree or allege bias to repeat the experiment and post their own results. -- Disclaimer: Apple, Google, and Microsoft are all great American companies. I use technology from all 3 every day. I want them all to succeed. They all have good and bad points. The video shows a "Hello World" app being created simultaneously for iPhone, Windows Phone, and Android. But the point here is not about phone platforms, that's just a way to create an equal playing field. The code to implement the "logic" of the app is essentially the same on all platforms. However, in Visual Studio it only takes about 35 seconds to accomplish the task at hand, since there is no additional "plumbing" code needed to make it work. Obviously this is a trivial example, but imagine how the trend would continue on a more complex app. Would you rather spend your time improving an app, or just making it run?

Mac Basic Java Tutorial 5 - Math Operators

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This is the 5th java tutorial. I hope you enjoy it and learn something from it however i will make a c++ tutorial series but it will be made with Xcode.

Java Lesson 1

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I show you how to program in Java.

Xcode Java project compiled

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Well I have to admit that VS was very quick. However this video is wrong in many ways:
VS user moves the mouse with more haste. Also VS and Android simulators are already open, IOS simulator opens until build
This is? an interesting perspective... Windows Phone looks like it works just like winforms (easy). But I have to ask... why did you type... so... slow... with the android one :0)
Really bad video, making a hello world app with everything? in the code behind doesn't show how you can make a durable project. Also, the iOS developer doesn't look like he has any idea what's he's doing. I also tried to make the same application in XCode and finished in 35 sec and have a nice MVVM app (or at least the VVM part), which is much more maintainable... Just saying...
you know, Visual Studio is also used for developing Windows apps and Xbox games,? and you can just use one language (C#, VB, etc.) for all such platforms.
Visual Studio > Eclipse > XCode if you don't waste so? much time in Eclipse...
simply? the best ;)
Take a look at MonoTouch for iOS. You can still use? all those technologies when programming iPhone.
All a plagiarism of Visual Basic??
Still developing for Windows Mobile? I'd recommend you to? at least try Windows Phone.
Try mono for Android.? It uses C#
It doesnt matter how easier or harder it is to develop on an environment. For me the one that makes more money is the better one and X-Code seems to win by far. Not because there are more iDevice users out there, because iDevice users are going to pay for apps alot easier than Android users, and Windows Phone is just a joke at the moment. Second point I need to make is u feel comfortable with any IDE eventually and couple of clicks here and? there wont make that much difference for a programmer.
exaggerated.? but i generally agree.

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