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html5 for dummies

HTML5 & CSS Web Design - 109 - Dummy Content, Margins, Padding and Heading styles
HTML5 & CSS Web Design - 109 - Dummy Content, Margins, Padding and Heading styles

html5 for dummies

HTML5 & CSS Web Design - 109 - Dummy Content, Margins, Padding and Heading styles

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Part 9 of Web Design tutorials covering basics of web development with HTML5 and CSS. In this we look at adding dummy content from to give us a better idea of what the overall mockup will look like. We then covering padding out our layout and styling headings. Tutorials by Will Goldstone see for more info.

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For Dummies eLearning is making learning easier! From Windows 8 to Excel and Digital Photography to HTML5, For Dummies eLearning courses are a great way to learn interactively and at your own pace. The Book/CD-Rom Kit offers you the all-around package - learn from the book lessons and then test your skills with the course!

Canvas Element and HTML5 Games for Dummies: Intel AppUp Elements 2011

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Let's say you wanted to create the exact same page, but with an additional? navigation menu on the left. How would you use floats to make this happen?
Thanks a lot, your videos are very helpful!
you would put your division in your html before the one you want it to appear to the left of. Article I would assume. If you keep in mind that when you write your html, the code of boxes onscreen should go downwards, and from? left to right if you are using float:left. So thats why you'd have the header, then nav, then left nav, then middle box, then right nav column, then footer.
oops,? i forget to ask my question.. maybe the answer is in a next video, i have to find out. i want to know how i can lower the aside part down the best way so that the title is the same height as the first article.? (dreamweaver itself has some template's, would you recommend it to start with that and make a designed site out of it?)
Thank you very much Will! i'm learning allot from you. i didn't expect that to be honest because i already made some website's which are pretty good. (google thinks that to? :) ) although i have to say that i made them from templates that i downloaded :). now i am trying to make a well designed site all by myself and i found out that that's allot harder than doing it from a template XD. but i like your way of working and also your way of explaining it.
thank? you
Wow these tuts are unbelievably useful? thanks :D
c?m on anh? r?t nhi?u !
Instead of adding padding to the container then having to alter the width of the container you could just add padding to either side of the element? itself, ie.#maincontent P {padding-left:10px; Padding-right:10px;;}
Great tutorial, hope to see a lot more tutorials about html and? css. Thanks.
no problem thanks for watching!?
Just validated it, and although it displays correctly,? it isn't valid. However, as Will suggested, creating another div, and aligning it properly seems to also work and comply with the standards.

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