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the html5 test

HTML5 Test: iPhone 4S vs. HD7 vs. Galaxy S2
HTML5 Test: iPhone 4S vs. HD7 vs. Galaxy S2

the html5 test

HTML5 Test: iPhone 4S vs. HD7 vs. Galaxy S2

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HTML5 test on three different smartphones running three completely different mobile operating systems :) Note that the 4S and S2 have dual core processors but the HD7 does not and Gingerbread (current version of Android) has not been optimized to run on Dual Core processors. 4S gets 60fps HD7 gets 26fps S2 gets 16fps

4G BlackBerry PlayBook vs WiFi-only HTML5 Test

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We take the new 4G PlayBook versus the WiFi-only PlayBook on a head-to-head HTML5 test. However, the WiFi-only has an advantage due to it running the developer OS 2.1 beta.

HTML5 teste browsers mais populares

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Testando HTML5 nos brosers mais populares. Hardware utilizado: Athlon x2 5200 2.8ghz 2gb DDR2 667 HD4650 512mb DDR2 HD 160gb SATA II Windows XP SP3 NET Virtua 3mb

HTML 5 HD quality test

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This little movie is to test the HTML5 youtube player and the video output from a Nikon D90. First attempt.

Comentarios de los Videos the html5 test nokia lumia 800 with mango? can get 50 fps..
Maybe. The? HD7 surely has old hardware.
Please do some research and come back. You are an absolutely blind fandroid. There's no need of 1GB RAM because iOS has been optimized to run on specific hardware. Oh and wait? Did you know that iPhone 4S outperformed the Galaxy S2 at GLBenchmark, SunSpider and Performance by miles?
Is there any need to play videos in 1080p? No. Why? You have to have that resolution, so that you can actually enjoy it. We can't stream anything to HDTV?? My ass. Search for Airplay. Go do some research
If you look at these best selling games from Android Market. They are all missing sequels from iOS like these.
Homerun Battle 2, Zombieville USA 2, Slice it! Begins, Cut the Rope: Experiments, Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots, Bejeweled 2 + Blitz,? Pocket God: Journey to Uranus, Flick Golf Extreme!, Doodle Jump Christmas, Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal \ Christmas, The Sim 3 World Adventures
With my Omnia W i can get? 60fps...
Yup man :) It's a great phone!? Thanks for watching and for commenting as well :D
2? years ***
I love how the HD7 is? 3 years old and competing with Top level new Smartphones.! I have an HD7 and I LOVE it! :D
#Imawesome :)?
Weird. Thanks for watching my? video though :)
It keeps changing from time to time. Check out my latest video and you'll find that my accent has matured a lot.? Thanks for watching.
but seriously stick to the indian accent...dun try to mask it with something else cuz? at the end u get an un-understandable indian accent

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