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java rpg tutorial

Java 2D OpenGL RPG Tutorial 3: Creating Items
Java 2D OpenGL RPG Tutorial 3: Creating Items

java rpg tutorial

Java 2D OpenGL RPG Tutorial 3: Creating Items

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In this video we create a new leveling algorithm and create basic items

Movement! - Java RPG Game Development - Ep.11

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Java 2D OpenGL RPG Tutorial 5: Creating Enemies

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In this video we add enemies to our game, and implement basic AI for them to chase the player.

Java tutorials: Simple RPG-1 What are we doing

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the software I am using is called Eclipse Helios. to download it, click the link and select you computer type: Windows, Mac, or Linux. Then pick 32 bit or 64 bit and lastly, click the green arrow. **************************************** ­**************************************** ­***** Download link: /downloads/

Java Rpg Game - Update 6

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Hey everyone, im back with my next video update and today Im showing you everything that I've added since my last video which is A LOT. Let me know if you guys want me to release the source or add in quests first in the comments below. Hope you guys like it! ~Baseball435

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ya i learned alot watching how you developed that algorithm, very interesting. Question though about something else. I know that for just the testing part of the game you are using? rectangles to detect the collisions, but eventually when my sprite isnt a rectangle and its an image, how will the physics class know if they itresect since intersects is a Rectangle class method?
In almost all cases, a rectangle ends up being a close enough approximation that it's alright. In the few cases where it isn't, it's easy enough to approximate with several rectangles instead of? just one. If you absolutely must use a different intersect algorithm, there's nothing that's stopping you from implementing your own, but this will work for my purposes.
this is coming along nicely.
do you think by the end we'll have the next elder? scrolls game? ;)
I'll leave that one up to you? :P
Instead of having a variable keeping? track of the type it might be better to use a method getType() that returns a constant, that way you never have to initialize it.
The init function didn't complain about the missing @Override is because you didn't override it, you overloaded it.
I actually like that idea.? You're just full of useful tips aren't you? :)
To expand on this, a few months back I hit this problem and? solved it via pixel-based collision detection. Even using accurate AABB's I noticed signifigant performance decreases.
It's about as exact as you can get, but sometimes you just have to sacrifice realistic game mechanics for PLAYABILITY :D
I found the? algorithm to be the most interesting part of the video. I love algorithms <3
If I put the? 'cube' thing before the player it works, but when I go over it to remove it, it teleports my player a little..
My cube is 32 y and 32 x from? my player diagnoly up and right. How can I fix this? It mimics the players movements.
Why do you have? such a small amount of subs, I have learned a lot about LWJGL programming from this.

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