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html5 live streaming

My Thoughts On Apple's HTTP Streaming Technology
My Thoughts On Apple's HTTP Streaming Technology

html5 live streaming

My Thoughts On Apple's HTTP Streaming Technology

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In this video, I give my thoughts on Apple's release of their new HTTP Streaming technology. I first heard of this new tech at WWDC when there was a small item on slide entitled "Live Streaming". Since this was related to iPhone 3.0, everyone (including me) assumed there would be a live streaming solution for iPhone 3.0. In the video, I give my thoughts as to what it all means and how it affects the general iPhone consumer. Here is a link to a good summary of the technology:

Capture, encode, and deliver a single live video stream to both Flash and iOS

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Learn how to use Flash Media Live Encoder and Flash Media Server to stream live video over HTTP to both Flash and iOS.

HTML5 Canvas Game Development - Live Stream

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Afflicto's personal Channel: /petterthowsen92 -- www.twitch.tv/dreamvoid/b/325956749&utm_ ­campaign=archive_export&utm_source=dream ­void&utm_medium=youtube

Broadcasting a live stream on iOS | lynda.com overview

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Watch more at /Flash-Media-Serv... This Flash Media Server (FMS) overview shows a live HLS stream being broadcast over author Lisa Larson-Kelley. The complete Up and Running with Flash Media Server 4.5 course has a total duration of 2 hours and 31 minutes, and shows how to deliver media across multiple platforms and devices with video streaming protocols such as Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP), HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS), and HTTP Live Streaming (HLS). Up and Running with Flash Media Server 4.5 table of contents: Introduction 1. Getting to Know Flash Media Server 2. Understanding the Delivery Protocols 3. Learning the Terminology of Streaming Media 4. Installing Flash Media Development Server 5. Streaming On-Demand Video with RTMP 6. Streaming Live Video with RTMP 7. Streaming On-Demand Video with HDS 8. Streaming Live Video with HDS 9. Understanding Custom Server-Side Applications 10. Building a Video Broadcast Application 11. Streaming on Demand with HLS and RTMP 12. Streaming Live Video to Devices with HLS 13. Delivering Video Across Platforms with JavaScript Conclusion

Stream live multi-bitrate video over HTTP to Flash and iOS

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Learn how to use Flash Media Live Encoder and Flash Media Server to capture, encode, and deliver live video to Flash and iOS devices. In this lesson, we'll use Flash Media Live Encoder to capture and encode the stream at multiple bitrates. We'll use Flash Media Server's Set-level File Generator tool to create set-level F4M and M3U8 files that describe the multi-bitrate set of streams. To play the live stream, we'll request the set-level F4M file from Strobe Media Playback. To play the live stream from an iPad, we'll request the set-level M3U8 file from Safari.

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thats cool spam is below me lol?
youtube it?
actually not. theres a way? to get it for free.
you? are goood
Nice Bwana!!! Good video? :)
Excellent installment BWANA. I can't wait to find out how this is going to effect video on the iPhone. Who? knows what may be next? Netflix streaming content? Paid subscriptions for premier cable content?
The sky is the limit!
OnLive has something like this. When you are playon OnLive and you internet slows down they can fix? the stream in real time. And when you internet speeds back up they will send you high rez video of the video game your playing. But they are not using Quick Time H264. I think they have their own format.
It's about time someone brings this subject to light. I think I read? this on theiphoneblog.

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