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html5 game engine

Tiara: HTML5 Game Engine Demo
Tiara: HTML5 Game Engine Demo

html5 game engine

Tiara: HTML5 Game Engine Demo

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This is an HTML5 powered game engine I have recently started working on. It's in a very early state but I'm pretty excited about. Unfortunately I messed up the recording somehow and it didn't record my mouse movements, which I used sometimes to point out what was occurring within the render - sorry about that. Also, on my first example the resolution isn't good enough to see all the pixels being rendered either. :(

HTML5 Isometric Game Engine built using JavaScript (Float Engine)

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Float Engine is an isometric game engine built entirely using native web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Float Engine is platform-agnostic, which means that it will work on PCs, Macs, Linux, iPods, iPhones, iPads, Android and other systems. Float Engine works straight from within your browser and involves no downloads, installations or updates. Float Engine is plug-in free which means that it does not need resource intensive plug-ins such as Adobe Flash or Microsoft SilverLight. This means that your device will not overheat or quickly use up the battery. Float Engine does not use inefficient Canvas technology resulting in smooth iPhone, iPad and Android performance.

Construct 2 the html5 game engine

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A video describing the html5 export features of scirra's construct 2 game engine.

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@MartjeB1: Absolutely, I've already put in another 4-5? hours since this was recorded. It'll be a long labor of love, but I'm bringing this thing to a full-fledged release.
What happened with? Tiara?
are you still working on? this?
6? hours? really?
I love hunting down youtube's html5/canvas programmers! I hope you keep posting more videos! ? I'm working on an engine, myself, and while I've found it a little painful, I'm so thrilled what it's capable of. Once IE9 comes out, I imagine most browsers will support the canvas element!
I lol'd when you closed the window accidentally?
That's really cool. I'm thinking of writing a (simple) game-engine in javascript+canvas myself! Are you planning on extending this up to a feature-complete? project?

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