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streaming video html5

VideoJS HTML 5 Video Player Tutorial
VideoJS HTML 5 Video Player Tutorial

streaming video html5

VideoJS HTML 5 Video Player Tutorial

Descripcion del Video
Gives a quick tutorial on the steps to make VideoJS work appropriately with all of the major browsers. Visit for more detailts. To learn step by step web development check out Treehouse. They offer a free 30 day trial here: /?~3dtn In 30 days you can learn a lot and building and maintaining effective websites.

Barei - Another´s Life (Official Video)

Descripcion del Video
¡Cómprala ya! Disponible en /es/album/ano... Available in /es/album/ano... Nuevo videoclip de Barei "Another´s Life" (La Vida de Otro) Music video by Barei performing Another´s Life. Twitter: @BAREI_MUSIC Micropunto Films

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Is there a? way to include an embed/share option on the player control bar?
Yeah it can definitely be done. If I get some time over the weekend I might make another video.
Michigan game is on though, so I won't make any promises.?
yeah. :)?
Lol awesome! Well, thank you for providing this, for free! Helps out a? lot. Been spreading the word best I can.
PS. New version soon. (beta? on github) -Heff (VideoJS)
Hey aren't? you the guy that made this?
Is it possible to embed youtube videos with? this VideoJS?

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