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safari html5

Safari 5 Vs Windows Explorer 9 (HTML5 Graphics Speed Test)
Safari 5 Vs Windows Explorer 9 (HTML5 Graphics Speed Test)

safari html5

Safari 5 Vs Windows Explorer 9 (HTML5 Graphics Speed Test)

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This isn't a bash video. I don't care which browser is the fastest but the claims that Apple comes out with is so damn ridiculous. Claiming Safari to be the fastest browser in the world is going overboard, it's really the slowest browser i have used, Safari doesn't use flash so it should be a lot more faster but in my case it was suckky!! slow at loading multiple pages. Many Apple fans will say: '' Well it least it has better security'' Well i don't think so!! Safari 5 was hacked in less than 5 seconds: /article/221822... /2011/03/10/... Test your Web browser: /testdrive/Vie... Website tested in the video: /archives/... Music: John B - Key West Nieve & Cook - Priceless Few Intro made on: C4D Screen capture: Fraps Editing software: Sony Vegas 10

Activar HTML5 para ver vídeos en Safari 5.1 y NO PUEDO VER VÍDEOS CON SAFARI mac

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Gestor de plug-in: BAJATE LOS 2 PRIMEROS SI ASÍ LO DESEAS PERO SOLO SE MODIFICA ClickToPlugin /safariextens... Codec Vídeo: / /mac /object/mac-driv... Flash Player: /es/flashplayer/ Java: /kb/DL1516 Como te he dicho siempre al igual que a mis alumnos, no importa el tiempo que tardes y las preguntas que hagas, siempre te apoyaré hasta que aprendas =) ¿Tienes dudas? Google+: /1143930529296... .

YouTube (HTML5) iOS Safari

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This is a tutorial video on how to watch YouTube desktop version right in your iOS device (may work with other devices). I was on my iPad 2 iOS 4.3.5 Rubo Draco

Safari 5 - HTML5, Smart Address Bar and More!

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I LIKE the your Video's and i got now the moving wallpaper. Thanks!!!?
You welcome sit ;o)?
always love the music. As for the fish tank demo and i am no safari fan at all, FF all the way. but the fish tank uses hardware acceleration & HTML 5 has a security hole via webGL and as far as? I know Safari does not use it and thus no hardware acceleration.
Thanks Sirbit Yep IE FF uses hardware acceleration Safari doesn't, Safari can be fast when opening standard websites but does a terrible job at loading websites that has a lot of content
BTW Bush was looking for you XD He watched your video and he didn't like? what he saw, now you in his wanted list XD
I don't trust ether on security, but jobs saying safari is the fastest is? just his way of making his ass jealous of his mouth, with that that shit that comes out of it.
Don't trust them ether, just have to be careful what you do on the net, so far? Firefox hasn't let me down
owww apple fanboys gonna be butt hurt XD
soo awesome to see you uploading a great vid? bro !
waiting for more =D keep-em-coming man
Your test hits the nail on Apple's head. I've tested the browsers for speeds on loading sites and the resources it took. Safari took up 20% of the CPU during somewhat average performance, Firefox took 10% and Chrome took up 15%. And the? one that was slowest was Safari. Even the browser in our school's Macs won't compare to the speeds I get on any other browser. And they have the lacking ability to open new tabs, unless you right click on a site, or control click, and click to make a new tab.
safari is hell of fast?
yeah. your video is okay. BUT safari on the mac is very different from the one on windows. they made a cheap version of safari for windows therefore on mac? safari functions much much better,think about that.
Blazing performance
how does safari performance compare to others ON THE MAC!!!!
internet explorer is stupid slow on the mac.
Safari is the fastest on my windows computer even though i have internet explorer, firefox, and google chrome. use what you? like, just don't complain about others.
Actually if it is the fastest browser in the world than? It should run on any computer for it to be world wide
Safari is the fastest browser on earth and what apple claimed about their browser is true, but the most people don't understand that they didn't say it is fastest browser on windows they just said its the fastest? browser!!! so in that case if you are using a mac just like me you notice that safari is the fastest(i mean really fast!!!) and the most powerful web browser so you consider apple is right and what they suggest is true however only mac users are able to reach this exquisite privilege.
Nice intro with a bullet? through Steve :)
Macfag's macs could never handle those special effects. Just look at their shitty graphics cards!
even with tons of programs running? in the background. Like Norton, Ad-Aware, Malwarebytes, etc. So you can never trust anything when going online. Kinda makes you paranoid but hey at least you are safer on the net.
@Saiixx Even if you have security and a very secure firewall. there are still loopholes that hackers and viruses find. No matter what, you still have a chance to get infected. Both on a Mac and Windows computer. Think of a firewall as a "wall" (Yeah i used that as an example. now listen) Obviously, when you build a? wall, some parts of it will not be as strong as other parts of the wall. In due time there are cracks in the wall that the "virus" can slip in to. So you are not secured at all online

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