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photo shop

Fractured image effect - Photoshop
Fractured image effect - Photoshop

photo shop

Fractured image effect - Photoshop

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Get the FREE Spatter Brushes from Adobe Exchange: /cfusion/exchange... Want to create an amazing fractured image that's literally blown apart by Photoshop? Well this is the perfect tutorial for you. In a little over 10 minutes Gavin Hoey will teach you how to use custom brushes to create an eye catching photoshop effect. Follow me on Twitter: /Gavin_Hoey Facebook: /gavtrain Website:

Photoshop CS3 - Extreme Re-Touch/Makeover (HD)

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Extreme Re-Touch/Makeover Done In Photoshop CS3 Video Was Edited With Sony Vegad Pro 8 And Recorded With Hypercam2 Link for eyelash brush - /art/E... Comment, Rate + Subscribe : )

Photoshop Extreme Makeover - Angela Talbot´s Old Lady

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Very extreme makeover of an old woman

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Congrats with being very clear and conscious - a very helpful tutorial. If they all were this good. Keep up the good work and? thanks:)
you? are the tutorial god. Just awesome.
Your tutorials are really amazing! They help me a lot!! Thank you for all those clear explanations, keep up the good work, you're just? GREAT!!
I did? it! but without a background.... how can I add background? please reply a.s.a.p. btw, you're good!
Awesome explanation. Thank? you!
Amazing !!! thnx? .... :)
WHY People Hate GoOD? Tutotial...?
Do you still? do the white bit if you're using an image without a white background?
So? Nice!

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