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html5 video support

Getting Started with HTML5 Video
Getting Started with HTML5 Video

html5 video support

Getting Started with HTML5 Video

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Adding html video support is easy, but Adobe's Principal Evangelist Greg Rewis shows you how to do it without losing viewers - including those using Internet Explorer.

How to implement videos on HTML5

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Read this after watching the video only then will you understand what I am saying. Okay so i figured out what the problem was. The thing is that Internet Explorer 9 does infact recognize the html5 video tag so therefore it will always look for a video source url for a supported video format. If it does not find on it will just stay black. However flash fallback is only necessary for web-browsers that don't support the html5 video tag. So with that being said you can actually place the iframe embed code like I did in the video and you will notice that if you check it out in a web-browser that doesn't support the html5 video tag then you will see the flash fallback. Website: /pages/sni... Google +: /mycyberfanatic Facebook: /MyCyberFanatic

WebOS Open HTML5 video Support for 2012

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WebOS Supports HTML5 OGG Playback, (without video for now), and a simple GStreamer patch will enable it to play both OGG and WebM HTML5 Television. I have tried GStreamer Builds from several Distros, so a WebOS build will likely have to be applied, two Libraries in the /usr/lib/gstreamer- file, are connected with Theora playback, and a patch will likely be available in 2012.

Windows Hotmail HTML5 Video Email Support

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Windows Hotmail Launches HTML5 Video Email Support ? /hotmail-html5-video/

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Grt videos man love ya? man just too good can i get in touch through Skype with ya
First off: Microsoft are wankers! IE9 is out, and only have 61% HTML5 support.
Second off: Were there any other videos in this series? I've been trying to find the next one, but I? could only find this one and the two earlier on the channel.
Third off: Awesome tutorials!
can i get? the code of your template??
its a shame that you have to upload 3 different versions of the same video to your server? (taking up space and bandwidth) just to get it to play for everyone.
what screen-recorder? are you using ?
Width and height didn't? work in the other browsers...
Very helpful, thank? you.

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