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3d html5

HexGL, the HTML5 futuristic racing game
HexGL, the HTML5 futuristic racing game

3d html5

HexGL, the HTML5 futuristic racing game

Descripcion del Video
HexGL is a futuristic racing game playable directly inside a browser that I built using HTML5, Javascript and WebGL. Come challenge your friends on this fast-paced 3D game! I'm a 22 years old French computer engineering student in its last year at the UTBM. Check out my home page: / Play HexGL on /

3D - FULL HD Movie - Plitvice Lakes-The Legend that flows

Descripcion del Video
PREPORUKE ZA GLEDANJE FILMA : Na traci ispod okvira - ekrana u kojem se prikazuje film, obratite pažnju na oznake 3D i 360p. Klikom na oznaku 3D imate mogucnost izbora u kojem formatu cete gledati film, a klikom na oznaku 360p odabirete u kojoj rezoluciji cete gledati film. Za gledanje u 3D formatu preporucam opciju HTML5 stereo prikaz i rezoluciju 1080p Hardwerske i softwerske predispozicije koje morate zadovoljiti, da biste gledali 3D u HTML5 stereo prikazu imate pojašnjenje na ovim stranicama : /3dapps . Ono što je najosnovnije je to da imate odgovarajuci 3D monitor, nvidia 3D vision kit sa active shutter naocalama i graficku karticu koja podržava ovu tehnologiju, sva objašnjenja dobiti cete klikom na gornji link, a više o active shutter tehnologiji ovdje : www.plitvicelakesphotos.eu www.plitvicerseenfotos.eu foto.jug@fotojugplitvice.com

HTML5-Workshop: Drehendes 3D-Haus mit CSS3

Descripcion del Video
Das ist das fünfte Video zum JavaScript-Teil der Webseite. Aus canvas- und div-Elementen wird mit Hilfe von CSS 3D-Transformationen ein Haus erstellt, dass sich dank CSS Keyframe Animationen um sich selbst dreht. Die Transformationen werden den Elementen dynamisch per JavaScript zugewiesen. Leider gibt es sowohl 3D-Transformationen als auch Animationen bisher nur in WebKit. 3D-Transformationen sogar wohl ausschließlich in Safari. Deswegen ist der Workshop vermutlich nur dann sinnvoll, wenn man mit Safari arbeitet. Außerdem erweitere ich die Canvas-API und hänge eine Funktion an den Rückgabewert des querySelectorAll. Jedoch habe ich während der Aufnahmen dieses Videos erfahren, dass es eine schlechte Idee ist, Objekte zu erweitern, die man selbst nicht besitzt. Deswegen mache ich exemplarisch eine Erweiterung wieder rückgängig.

MAX PAYNE 3 with NVidia 3D Vision (in stereoscopic 3D, also in Full HD)

Descripcion del Video
OK, so how to playback this vid in stereoscopic NVidia 3D ? U need a HTML5 3D capable web-browser for this ! ;) ( I checked with the latest version of FireFox & that`s worked well. ;) ) In the browser don`t forget to press F11 for FULL screen & also load & playback. This vid made in 3D also in maxed out settings in Full HD. Second chance to watch this vid: Just download this video file with the latest versions of YouTube downloader & than use for playback a 3D ready media player like 1 of the latest versions of 3D ready Power DVD media player software. Also don`t forget to use Your 3D monitor/TV + the 3D NVidia glasses when playback this file on Your 3D ready media player. Enjoy ! ;D This video captured, recorded with the latest, current version of FRAPS, edited with Sony Vegas. IN-GAME pics of the PC-version: /media/set/?s... Do U LIKE PC RPG? The pls visit my community page on FB, THX! ;D All welcome, Who like the Role Playing Games on PC! :) /pages/PC-RPG...

Comentarios de los Videos 3d html5

Who created music in? this video? :)
It's written at the end? of the video: The music is Overdrive by Goukisan.
It`s more? WebGL than HTML5 ;)
btw. I`m too old for this game, when I`m play it looks more like pinball :D
Actually, WebGL is part of? the modern HTML5 standards.
I'm using the HTML5 acronym in its general meaning to describe the whole pack of technology involved.
It's also more meaningful for neophytes.
Actually WebGL has little to do with specifically HTML 5 as it is a JavaScript Engine.
JavaScript? ? HTML 5
So apparently whoever posted the above comment using the Channel ID does not understand their own technology. Might want to stop having the Interns post messages.
The funny thing is, being a CS student and having built HexGL by myself, I hardly see any? intern taking care of my YouTube channel.
That being said, the whole "WebGL is not HTML5" debate is another topic and partly a matter of opinion.
html5rocks[dot]com is a good read if you're interrested in this.
yall dont understand what's about... it's not about being? the coolest game ever it just shows what can be done using HTML 5 and I have to say that's pretty amazing !! good job.
ripoff? of wipeout hd, sorry
Very good job?
F Zero FTW
I love this WebGL stuff!?
People that have been around for a while aren't that impressed. We have seen it before in technologies like Shockwave3D, import some fancy static 3D and make simple logic around it. And then? How big audience can run this complex 3D in all kind of devices? How? fast is the progress of this complex web technologies? Is it worth the cost in production in the end? Nowadays web people can be amazed by anything that looks shiny.
listening to this kind of music makes me want to play mass effect? trilogy again =D
I am now? subscribed!
The most amazing online game I have ever played. It is not just the best online game. It's the? best 3D online game!!!

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